William Allen Simpson wrote:
> And where are the French translations?  Surely, they were completed
> before running through other folks' old problem reports.... :-(

Sorry to say it, but one time you are wrong (a so famous guy vs a simple
folk!). Frederic Rodrigo and myself decided to split the work in two.
Personally, I finished my work and posted to him. Moreover, I updated
the french documentation.

About "folks' old problem reports", I think someone needed to clean up
the incoming queue, and collect more clues before the users will be away
(too late for the most of them).

There are about 300 known bugs in Freeciv. Some are very hard to fix,
since the Freeciv roots are affected. I can already say to you that 2.1
and 2.2 will be totally buggy. It's certainly the last versions of
Freeciv. 1.14 will stay the reference version. I don't think it's you
who will change something on it.


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