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On 10/20/07, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Regarding the recent SDL additions to 2.1, I'm comfortable going ahead
> with the release without another rc# cycle.  SDL isn't (yet) finished,
> but the new SDL features will make it *much* more likely to be tested in
> the future (2.1.1 or 2.2)!


> The Turkish translations seem to be coming on apace, should we wait?

Let's ask Ugur. If he's on track to finalize his work, it could be
worth waiting a few days for.

> What about the (PR#39718) Turkish nation fixes?

I originally planned to wait until 2.1.1 before committing, but since
everyone else have been making exceptions to the code freeze, I might
go ahead with it tonight after all. ;)

> Anything else urgent?

The changelog have to be updated, but that is also the very last thing
that should go in before tagging.


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