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Michaël wrote:

> .... this
> crashed occured between sebvm 2 and sebvm 3, and two times (after 
> reconnecting i tryed at once to do the same thing and the crash occured 
> in this same way)
I've looked at all the files, and French did not have an AWACS nor the
technology to build one in 2 or 3.  I checked them all, and none of the
files have an AWACS.  Since you are not running the server, I know it's
hard to get the correct saved game.

I also tested Russian intelligence in +1738, and had no crash.

I re-tested PR#23961 AWACS, and had no problem with patrol to a city,
nor between cities.

I invite you to try our most recent release, and let us know whether the
problems are fixed for you!


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