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This is an ugly bug. It appears only, when

- you play in german locale, maybe some other locales
- you have a small map
- you are in a later game phase where more terrain is irrigated/mined
  and has (rail)roads

In this case, there is very often a resize of the left status panel,
causing a map resize and a map 'jump' to the right, for any single
move/step a unit performs. Additionally, in some special cases, you
get into a resize loop, where one resize causes the next :-(
In all, it makes the game nearly unplayable.

This is an old bug - as you can see from the number. It has been
reportedseveral times, and several attempts have been made so far to
fix it, even by me.

A solution that can be successful is, AFAICS, twofold:

- break up the terrain description in the left status bar into
  several lines, but avoiding to go too far down (causing a vertical
- block any resize in direction to a *smaller* left status bar

Changing the german translation is not an acceptable fix.

You may find more tickets on this in the database.



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