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Jason schrieb am 09. Dec um 22:48 Uhr:

> I stand by my claim that the proper solution is that the widget should
> auto-resize to be larger but never to be smaller.  I find it hard to
> believe GTK cannot be easily configured for this, though vasco seemed to
> think that was the case and that intercepting the signal was the only
> solution.  Even if this were done there might still be some translation
> issues as there is no real upper bound on how long a "line" might be.

What about adding just one (constant) line and break up the terrain
properties properly?

> An alternative might be to embed this widget into a scrollable frame. 
> Then if it exceeds the size rather than resizing the container it will
> just add scrollbars.  Not perfect but surely better than the current system.

Hey you'll get two scrollbars then ...


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