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William Allen Simpson wrote:
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> server/gamehand.c
>    handle_single_want_hack_req()
>      Sent send_ruleset_choices() when HACK is not successful.
>      Redundant send_conn_info() when HACK is not successful.
> client/connectdlg_common.c
>    handle_single_want_hack_reply()
>      File should be deleted by server, client doesn't always have permission.
> Implies every client request should have different file?
> Really need different paradigm for 2.2, perhaps the AUTH system?

The purpose of a file-driven HACK check was always to make sure that the 
local connection was given hack access when the client launches the 
server.  It will also give you hack access when you launch client and 
server separately from the same computer (and account); whether this is 
needed I'm not sure.

The former case could be handled more cleanly using environment 
variables.  The client sets the FREECIV_HACK_PASSWORD environment 
variable to some large bit of pseudo-random garbage.  On connecting it 
passes this bit of garbage to the server which is then used to verify 
the connection and provide HACK access.  The only problem is that this 
will ONLY work if the client controls the server's environment - i.e., 
when the client launches the server.

Also the whole point of the HACK check is that the client SHOULD have 
permission to delete the file created.  If the client cannot write to 
that file then it should not be granted hack access.  And yes, a 
separate file is needed for each connection.


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