I'm not sure that I'd like to see any integration of warclient features.
Freeciv is designed for multiple clients, and I think having them separate
is a good idea.

I've just spent months of my free time fixing badly integrated (or badly
designed and tested) warclient code grafted on the past few years.  It feels
like such a waste of effort!  Instead, I'd have preferred to work on the
civ3/4 features that have been requested over the past 5-6 years....

If you (Madeline) personally desire to add to the base, post good patches,
build a reputation, and then apply to be a developer.  I'll just note in
passing that I waited about 18 months before volunteering, and I already
have been a contributor to many open source projects over many years.

As for alienating the warclient contributors, there's only been one
recently, and he refused to do any of the projects assigned.  He demanded
to be a developer.  He refused to contribute and build reputation under his
actual name.  When asked to help translate French, he posted no patches.
When asked to revise a patch to not use static state variables, the next
two patches had *more* static variables.  He really does not have good
coding technique.  And profanity toward others is unacceptable.

As for insulting the other existing developers, I've usually been careful
about that.  Rather, I prefer to reference the patch/commit where the
mistake was made, and letting them be *privately* embarrassed.  Always
cite the work, not the person.

In general, this project has some good bones, and has had some brilliant
designers in the past.  There has been disagreement about the direction
the project was going.  Personally, I had no idea about the disagreement,
as it had not taken place on the main developer mailing list.

So far, my main contribution has been to get 2.1 to stop crashing (or at
least less often).  This was done by fixing the code to use access
functions, most of which already existed, and enforcing better coding
standards.  Boring, but necessary work.

The next step is 2.2, and that involves getting the civ3-like deep ocean
and terrain done, and the editor ported to all clients.

So, as far as more warclient integration is concerned, that would be 2.3
or 2.4 or 2.5, far in the future....

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