Some warclient features I'd like to see ported include better
traderoute UI, colored messages (but in a simpler fashion) and the
improved voting system.

I don't believe in a wholesale integration between the codebases,
still. Each warclient/warserver feature should be evaluated
inidividually, as it has been done so far. Madeline and all, please do
start posting patches to RT for evaluation! :)

And William, please avoid labelling warclient/warserver code as poor
by default as you've been doing recently, becasue that's something
that's definitely alienating contributors from that project.

As for 2.2 release goals, I'd really like to focus on completing the
editor and getting a beta out there ASAP. Freeciv has a lot of
scenario building potential that is being hampered by the lack of a
stable editor.


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