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I'm pretty sure the bug here is more than just removing the assert.  In
the examples given, there WAS more to explore.  Yet exploration stopped,
and (presumably) inside the explore code the unit was turned off of
explore mode, which isn't supposed to be possible (though I don't see
why the check should be in the calling code and not in the explore code).

  /* ai_manage_explorer isn't supposed to change the activity but we
   * don't count on this. */

Incidentally it looks like this assert will trigger if
handle_unit_change_activity is ever invoked for ACTIVITY_EXPLORE and an
air unit, meaning a malicious client could crash the server that way. 
But I don't see how the assert can ever trigger for ground units unless
ai_manage_explorer does drop the unit back into IDLE, which shouldn't be

I'd really like a savegame from which this can be reproduced.


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