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> [book - Sun Jan 20 23:12:18 2008]:
> > [wsimpson - Sun Jan 20 11:27:57 2008]:
> > 
> > Madeline Book wrote:
> > > I can reproduce the garbled text and gtk warnings with the 
> > > 2.1.1 and branch S2_1. As other occurences of "special" characters
> > > (e.g. accented vowels) in translated messages don't show up as 
> > > I am led to believe it is a problem with only a few translated 
> strings
> > > (or maybe just the one mentioned in my initial report).
> > > 
> > Spendid!  We have about 18 hours before release of 2.1.3.  If you 
> submit
> > your patch to po/fr.po, I'll be happy to check it in....
> > 
> As much as I would like to do that, after looking for
> those strings (I found a few more that gtk doesn't like)
> in po/fr.po I failed to find them. In fact they are from
> libc.mo (e.g. in /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/ on my
> system). So now I am a bit confused. Obviously it cannot
> be the fault of the freeciv french translators anymore
> (sorry :)), is it perhaps that I don't have utf8 french
> localization installed on my system? Or perhaps freeciv
> is not correctly initializing nls to return translated
> text from libc as utf8? I will investigate this problem
> some more (though I have no experience at all in properly
> building nls-enabled applications); hopefully someone
> will speak up about the trivially obvious solution. ;)
Oh wow, it really was trivial! But certainly not obvious
for the likes of me :(. Once I ran the client with LANG=
fr_FR.UTF-8 the libc messages displayed correctly and gtk/
pango was very happy.

This then was a non-issue from the start. Anyway it is
resolved now, as far as I can see.

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