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 1. Start server
 2. Connect client A with username 'cazfi'
     - There will be users 'cazfi' and 4 * <easy AI>
 3. Connect client B with username 'cazfi2'
     - Related to #40189, new user is under AI control and shown by
name <easy AI>
 4. Client B: From context menu of cazfi2 (first <easy AI>) "Aitoggle Player"
     - Server says "Player name prefix '"cazfi2"' is ambiguous."
 5. Client B: Cancel (to main menu)
 6. Client B: Reconnect with username 'caz'
 7. Client B: From context menu of caz (first <easy AI>) "Aitoggle Player"
    - Server says "cazfi is now under AI control."

 So it cannot distinguish between "cazfi" and "cazfi2" , and selects
"cazfi" instead of "caz".

 - ML

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