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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mar. Avr. 08 19:55:49 2008]:
> On 07/04/2008, Pepeto _ wrote:
> >
> >  Try with this patch.
>  Bugs I reported cannot be reproduced when this patch is applied.
> Still, I don't think patch is correct. At  the very least changes you
> make should not be required (if other parts of the code work
> correctly), and I'm not entirely sure that they themselves never act
> as bug.
>  Note that if *str0 != '\0' (so it will pass the test) and *str1 ==
> '\0' (which you are testing), they are not equal (later test).

The test *str1 == '\0' is effectively useless. Actually, the current
version of mystrncasequotecmp() return 0 when the first string is
handled completely, ignoring if the second string is null-terminated or
if it continues like you explained. We have the same analysis.

However, your patch should be better because it removes quote at start
and at end of the string and not in the middle.

> >  I also noticed a long time ago that the client sends lot of wrong
> >  commands to the server, confusing player names and connection
names, the
> >  commands names and adding '"' characters that the server doesn't remove
> >  when it interpret it. See PR#39614.
>  Actually, it's not client bug that it sends quoted command
> parameters. It's server bug that they are not handled correctly.

I treated them as server bugs too.

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