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As far as I can see the mystrncasequotecmp function
is only used by find_player_by_name_prefix. Why would
the player names in the internal server/client data
structures (i.e. in game.players[]) have meaningless
(i.e. not significant for comparison) quotes around
them at all?

I would think that this should never be the case; the
server and client should never store strings wrapped
in meaningless quotes, and should always remove them
when parsing input (i.e. from rulesets or command arguments).
Quotes should only be used in input data when argument
separators (e.g. a space or a newline) need to be included
in the string. To have them in the internal data structures
would imply that they are meant as part of the string (e.g.
they were escaped in the original), and so should not in
fact be ignored.

So I would propose that mystrncasequotecmp (and possibly
similarly misguided functions if there are any) be removed
and the handling of quoted strings be rechecked for
consistency according to the above.


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