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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mar. Avr. 08 20:14:47 2008]:
> On 12/10/2007, Pepeto _  wrote:
> >  First step: clean up in stdinhand. /aitoggle, /remove, /cmdlevel and
> >  /cut support the arguments between quote marks.
>  I believe this is redundant after #40196 patch. #40196 fixes lowlevel
> quoted string handling, this one adds higher level handling.

Actually not, because the problems are more numerous. The client also
sends wrong command names (e.g. /cut instead of /cmdlevel ctrl). Also it 
sends player names instead of connection names (e.g. /cmdlevel).
Moreover, the quote stuff is used by get_player_by_name_prefix() and not
by get_connection_by_name_prefix(), so connection usernames cannot be
handled between quotes.

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