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2008/5/4 Madeline Book:
>  >  How about keeping separate event type and making messages something
>  > like:
>  >  "After successful attack %s became more experienced"
>  >  "After defending successfully %s became more experienced"
>  >
>  >  Of course, this repeats "successful attack" from the parent message
>  > when both are displayed.
>  How about:
>   "Your %s became more experienced through combat"

 My mistake. This is actually used for any kind of experience gaining.
Either we simply say that "Your %s became more experienced!", make
each case completely separate string "Your %s became more experienced
through combat!", "Your %s became more experienced by working hard!",
or provide 'reason' to common  "Your %s became more experienced %s".

 - ML

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