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Madeline Book wrote:
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>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Jun 11 16:51:03 2008]:
>>  I only read sources, not yet tested.
>>  -  Please don't add new empty function headers. New code should have
>> function headers already when committed.
> What do you mean by "empty function header"? If you mean the
> /*****************************
>   ...
> ******************************/
> Then I only fill that in if the function name is not descriptive
> enough or there are some special conditions or side-effects that
> programmers need to be aware of (e.g. "you must free the return
> value yourself").
> Do you think I should describe the functions more in the header?

Previous discussions have agreed that empty comments are not helpful. 
It's possible that the function name really says everything about the 
function; in such a case maybe ... isn't needed.  But I really don't see 
any use to having ... as a comment.


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