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Thanks for the thorough reply. My ideas for specific issues
follow below.

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Thu Jun 12 21:21:14 2008]:
>  Please don't assume that bases are stored as specials. Iterating
> specials should already skip S_FORTRESS and S_AIRBASE (at least it did
> when I last worked on this)

The macro tile_special_type_iterate doesn't skip over them, so I
suppose I will make the change and post that as a new ticket.

>  I realize that editor code may require some new accessor functions. I
> can write those in a proper manner, if you tell me what you need. Note
> that tile.c has functions for checking, adding and removing bases from
> tile.

I think the existing accessors are sufficient. If I am missing
something I'll add it myself or ask for ideas if I am unsure
of the implementation.

> > I would have to check for this and add annoying special-case
> > code every time I iterate over the special types (which is
> > very common considering the requirements of the editor).
>  Isn't common iterator macro no longer doing this?

As I said above, tile_special_type_iterate does not, but I
will fix it so that it does.

Then in the other parts of the editor code, after iterating
specials, I'll add code that iterates over bases (using
> > I will however look into using the {fore,middle,back}ground
> > sprites more intelligently (I suppose they should be combined
> > into one sprite to actually make the full representative
> > sprite of an airbase or fortress).
>  No, those separate parts are for a reason. Depending on tileset,
> units in fortress may appear in front of fortress background, but
> behind foreground. There certainly is a reason for middleground too,
> even though I cannot remember it now.

I assumed that drawing the foreground over the middleground over
the background would make an acceptable "icon". ;)

But I'll check this some more.


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