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2008/6/13 Madeline Book:
> Compare with the warclient version which also supports %
> escape sequences and loading from a file.

 It seems to send message line by line. I guess it's never used as
popup? (or there would be separate popup for each line)

 My version is mainly for one multiline popup. This is meant for
casual user, who may don't even realize what he is doing when he
selects server from metaserver list. Popup (by default) at least makes
it clear that something 'unusual' happens; (s)he is no longer playing
local game on his/her computer, but has connected to server where
rules may differ from the ones (s)he is used to and other people may
interfere with his/her game.

 Can we take best of both worlds? Though full warclient functionality
might be a bit overkill for mainline Freeciv...

 - ML

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