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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Jun 16 02:05:45 2008]:
> 2008/6/5 Marko Lindqvist:
> > 2008/5/30 Madeline Book:
> >>
> >> When a user connected to a server with some
> >> AI players created by aifill, they were attached
> >> to an existing AI player but AI mode was not
> >> reset. So when the game started the player's
> >> units moved on their own. This patch fixes that
> >> problem by cancelling AI mode in the attached
> >> player if AI mode is on and the server is in
> >> the pregame state.
> >
> >  I looked this problem too when I were working with the
> > connectdialog problems (still unsure what to do with the
> > remaining patch I have)
>  Now I can post it here. This requires send_chat_printf()
> patch from #40284.

This patch (+ the one from 40284) fixes a different
problem then what I originally opened this ticket for.

It still occurs that if you connect to a server with
a positive aifill value you are silently attached to
an AI and when the game starts your units move on their
own (wierder still is that the 'A' marking automatic
orders does not appear until the second turn).

Of course with this patch if you do the "Take this
player" from the connection list menu in pregame then
it aitoggles the player you are attached to into
the correct state.

But it is not good to expect users to know about
and have to do this, especially since this was not
the case in previous versions.

So I propose that when a new client connection is made,
and the server is trying to attach the connection
to a new player, the server first removes an AI player
created by aifill, and then creates a fresh human player
to which is attached the new connection.


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