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Thank you for the explanations and the error message output,
that makes the situation somewhat clearer.

I still suspect that the problem lies in the definition of
'struct repoinfo'. Can you please try moving it outside the
scope of activeunits_report_dialog_update() (i.e. into file
scope), and seeing if that fixes the problem? Also, try
O_MAX instead of O_COUNT.

Failling that, O_COUNT could be defined to a literal numeric
constant (i.e. 6), or the 'upkeep' field in repoinfo renamed.

Searching for that error message on the web yields a bunch
of pages that seem to imply it is due to a bug in the sun
compiler. The fact that somehow the compiler gets confused
with the "int upkeep;" in 'struct packet_ruleset_building'
in common/packets_gen.h would also suggest this.


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