Anyone knowledgeable on how to debug Freeciv using Eclipse?  I'm using
Cygwin on Vista.  I had to dump MinGW because MSYS Make 3.81 is
defective for Windows paths with colons in them, i.e. C:\blah.  It
makes Eclipse and other JDK toolchains barf.  Cygwin Make 3.81 is also
defective, but I was able to find a patched version at .  I have been able to build
Freeciv inside Eclipse using the Autotools plugin.  I installed the
end result, and it does run under an X terminal outside of Eclipse.
Now I'm trying to figure out how to debug the darned thing.  I
installed civclient.exe into the Cygwin file system and have
successfully imported it into an Eclipse debug configuration.
However, all I can achieve at this point is an app that doesn't know
where an X terminal is.  Perhaps I am making progress and it's only a
matter of time before I bang this out, but I thought I'd ask if anyone
here knows the ropes.  Client, Server, X terminal, Cygwin Unix layer,
all quite a mess.

Brandon Van Every

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