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Indeed, loading a civ1/2 game with the default ruleset is kind of weird.

Perhaps a dictionary (in terrain.ruleset) could look like this:

  game_version = "2.2"
  gold         = "$"
  iron         = "/"
  game         = "A"

  game_version = "2.1"
  gold         = "H"
  iron         = "/"
  game         = "e"

That would allow to load saved games from previous versions without
messing up the resources.
What do you think?

- St├ęphane Messerli


> I am not sure if the whole update22 system should kept. It
> appears terribly hackish with the hard-coded version numbers
> and ruleset names (why should the default ruleset ever care
> about savegames in the civ1 or civ2 rulesets?). I am thinking
> that perhaps the resource identifiers should be changed back
> to remove the need for the update22* fields, or the entire
> identifier system replaced by something more robust (e.g. a
> dictionary mapping identifiers to resource names included in
> the ruleset definition).

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