Follow-up Comment #1, bug #13419 (project freeciv):

Problem is that civscore.log contains information from the beginning of the
turn. Game ends in the end of the turn.

Same goes for autosaves, except that there is final, extra, save after game
has ended (See "reason" in savegame). Actually naming of that final save is
misleading, as it appears like save from one turn *after* game has ended. We
may want to name it as <PREFIX>_final.sav instead (in another ticket).

Currently AI needs scores calculated at the beginning of the turn, so we
cannot simply move score calculation to the end of turn. I think we should
calculate score twice each turn. In the beginning of the turn for AI and in
the end for logging purposes. Cons are that game starting situation is not
stored to civscore.log at all and savegames and civscore.log would not match
(as savegame contains situation in the beginning of the turn).


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