Follow-up Comment #2, bug #13419 (project freeciv):

"Cons are that game starting situation is not stored to civscore.log at all
and savegames and civscore.log would not match (as savegame contains
situation in the beginning of the turn)."

Hmmn. well, the thing I'm trying to do is write a script to parse
civscore.log and the savegame files into some pretty graphs, an animated
turns map and a set of accurate scores for each player. This data I'm
planning to save for each game in a database to maintain a persistent record
of each game played.

Specifically, I will parse the animated turns map from the savegame files,
and I will parse all graphs and scores from civscore.log. The patches you've
submitted so far should now allow me to get accurate spaceship data and
turn-by-turn scores from civscore.log instead of trying to calculate these
things from data in the savegame files, <b>so at least for my purposes</b>
the data reflected in the savegame files does not need to actually be the
same as what's in civscore.log because I'll only be pulling map data from the
savegame files.


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