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> [cazf...@gmail.com - Mon May 04 12:31:15 2009]:
> 2007/10/18 Pepeto _ <pepet...@hotmail.fr>:
> >
> > My previous patches are wrong. It seems that global_init_tech, init_tech
> > and techlevel never worked well with team games, since the team research
> > is polled.
>  I have only read the patch, not tested.
>  - Why are you removing check if game is new from around
> game.info.max_players reset? Either it should not be removed, or
> comment should be updated

I have no idea why. It looks to me now a mistake, but maybe I had one
idea 2 years ago.

>  - I'm not sure about making init_techs to count toward (free)
> techlevel. Techlevel is documented to be random techs, so it probably
> should apply on top of init_techs. At least leave it to another
> ticket, so this one can go forward now

It's a rule question. I have no idea what is better. I used my brain to
imagine the different ways, and takes the one which looks to me the best
(2 years ago).

Please, if you want to ask me some questions, send me an e-mail since I
don't always look the mailing list.


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