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Follow-up Comment #1:

> - the unit upkeep information is send to the clients
>   in packet_unit and packet_unit_short_info (needed?)

As far as I know, the "short" version of the unit info
packet is for enemy units, or special circumstances
(e.g. the unit goes out of sight hack). Probably
upkeep information should not be included in those
packets, or is not needed.

> at the moment the packet information do not reach the
> client. why? - HELP NEEDED

This is probably because you do not call send_unit
_info() when the upkeep values change at the server
side. This should happen at least everytime you call
city_units_upkeep() for all of the supported units.

I would add that since city_units_upkeep() is never
called from the client, it should probably have
stayed in the server code (cityturn or tools). My
own feeling is that putting things in common/ is
not such a great idea, since it makes it easy to
introduce hard-to-work-around constraints and
dependencies. Ideally only very simple very modular
code should be kept there. But that is a discussion
for another ticket...



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