Follow-up Comment #6, bug #13621 (project freeciv):

Thanks for looking at this patch.

Could A cleanup for the FIXME reminders
be the following:

- a function game_setting(op, bool *bval,
  int *ival, char* sval) which set the
  requested option (in stdinhand.c)

switch (op->stype) {
  case SSET_BOOL:
    ... checks + set value ...
  case SSET_INT:
    ... checks + set value ...
    ... checks + set value ...

... do special things at the end ...

- call the function in stdinhand.c after the
  command argument is converted to bool/int/string
  and in ruleset.c after the value is read from
  the ruleset file

- handling of aifill and auto_ai_ toggle only if


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