Summary: server crash when transferring a boat due to
citizen migration
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: None
            Submitted on: Saturday 07/25/2009 at 20:56 CEST
                Category: None
                Severity: 3 - Normal
                Priority: 5 - Normal
                  Status: None
             Assigned to: None
        Originator Email: tbrow...@prjek.net
             Open/Closed: Open
         Discussion Lock: Any
        Operating System: None



$ svn info
Path: .
URL: svn://svn.gna.org/svn/freeciv/trunk
Repository Root: svn://svn.gna.org/svn/freeciv
Repository UUID: a0f10bec-cc02-0410-94fc-a9cfff90b4cd
Revision: 15843
Node Kind: directory
Schedule: normal
Last Changed Author: jcreus
Last Changed Rev: 15843
Last Changed Date: 2009-07-24 16:33:43 -0500 (Fri, 24 Jul 2009)

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0xb7f89424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb7f89424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#1  0xb7db33d0 in *__GI_raise (sig=6) at
#2  0xb7db6a85 in *__GI_abort () at abort.c:88
#3  0xb7dac4ee in *__GI___assert_fail (assertion=0x81a6444
"can_unit_exist_at_tile(punit, new_pcity->tile)", 
    file=0x81a66ee "unithand.c", line=389, function=0x81a69cd
"unit_change_homecity_handling") at assert.c:78
#4  0x080c8400 in unit_change_homecity_handling (punit=0x8cac838,
new_pcity=0x8e55160) at unithand.c:389
#5  0x08086445 in transfer_unit (punit=0x8cac838, tocity=0x8e55160,
verbose=true) at citytools.c:600
#6  0x08087515 in transfer_city_units (pplayer=0x82cad7c, pvictim=0x82cad7c,
units=0x8cb6c70, pcity=0x8e55160, 
    exclude_city=0x8e564c0, kill_outside=-1, verbose=true) at
#7  0x0808c7d6 in do_city_migration (pcity_from=0x8e564c0,
pcity_to=0x8e55160) at cityturn.c:2415
#8  0x0808cc32 in check_city_migrations_player (pplayer=0x82cad7c) at
#9  0x0808cdc3 in check_city_migrations () at cityturn.c:2500
#10 0x0805095b in end_turn () at srv_main.c:945
#11 0x08053e3c in srv_running () at srv_main.c:2044
#12 srv_main () at srv_main.c:2386
#13 0x0804b33d in main (argc=10, argv=0xbf9a66b4) at civserver.c:290

(gdb) print *punit->utype
$2 = {item_number = 30, name = {translated = 0x82a0ab8 "Trireme", vernacular
= "Trireme", '\0' <repeats 24 times>}, 


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