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Hi Joan,

I'm also neither Occitan nor an expert in Occitan history.  

My main source of information was looking at maps in one of my books (on the
history of the Cathars).  The maps were in French, hence the French names for
locations.  I thought that the County of Toulouse had rather variable
boundaries, and at one point did incorporate some of the cities you
mentioned, although I may have made a mistake in including others (Foix in
particular I considered for a while).  Part of it's the same question I had
with Granada: include the cities which are part of the country at its height,
or only those which were consistently part of the country?  I'd be happy to
use your list of cities, however, in Occitan.

The Prades I had in mind is located near Montaillou.  It was a small village
during the time in question.

As for the rulers, the source there was Wikipedia.  I would like to include
some female rulers (in countries where there were some) because there aren't
many of them in the current rulesets.

So perhaps we could take your ruleset and simply add a few rulers to it?


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