Follow-up Comment #4, patch #1238 (project freeciv):

I agree that it's hard to define the boundaries of these counties. In fact,
the map of the County of Toulouse shown in the French wikipedia shows the
county of Roussillon as part of the county of Toulouse in 1154. I have found
no other source that confirms this. As far as I know, it was an independent
county that became part of the kingdom of Aragon in 1172. Before the formal
annexion, it had been the birthplace of the first Catalan count, and that's
why it's always considered Catalan. This goes for Perpignan. But the Prades
you mention is indeed Occitan.

Daniel is the expert, here, but I believe that, for non-modern nations, it's
OK in Freeciv to include cities that have been part of the empire at some
point in time.

I agree that it would be a good thing to include some women as rulers. I am
not sure that Joana is considered a "good" queen for Occitans,though, since
she is the one that "sold out" to the French King. If we expand the scope to
all the Occitan counties and duchies, there is another excellent candidate,
though: Alienòr d'Aquitània (Eleanor of Aquitaine), who must have been an
extraordinary woman, who actually ruled as a duchess of Aquitaine, became
Queen of France, divorced, married an English prince and became the mother of
two English Kings (Richard the Lionheart and John Lackland). During her
extremely long rule as Duchess (from the age of 15 until her death at 82) she
had a very important role in European politics.

So, if you want to add rulers or cities to the Occitan ruleset, feel free. Or
I can do it for you, as you like.


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