Follow-up Comment #2, bug #14236 (project freeciv):

the attached savegame shows two problems with the current code

1. near Zagreb a fortress is build. In the next turn the city will be
disbanded into a settler but the territory will still be claimed. Another
nation can't build new cities within this area. First the fortress has to be
claimed by a unit. (I found this in the longturn Ltex game; especially bad if
this is an island there all tiles are claimed and you have only a settler on
the boat)

2. The territory claimed by the city Split is expanded using only fortresses.
This is a little bit strange as no 'manpower' (cities, military units) are
needed for this.

unrelated but also a bug:

The settler build in Zagred appears in Osijek (teleportation of units?); a
possible solution is in bugs #14037

(file #6573)

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