Follow-up Comment #8, bug #14267 (project freeciv):

>> Native speaker should replace "single bracket pair" with correct
>> term :-) (does 'single bracket' mean only '(' or does it mean
>> '()'?)

>'(' is a bracket as far as know, so a bracket pair is probably >'()'. 

A bracket is '[' (half square), '(' (half circle) is a parenthesis, at least
in American English. Usually the word is not used in the singular because the
starting and ending brackets and parenthesis are usually used together. A pair
wound imply two of them. Though I'm unaware of any technical terms for XML or
anything like that, so you may be correct.

In my opinion, it would be most clear to the average enduser to say it
something like: "This expression can also be started and finished within the
same pair of brackets, like '[link target="city" id=121/]' (note the slash at
the end)". I'm thinking that avoiding using some technical vocabulary would be
easier to understand. I added the  part because I didn't see the ending slash
until just now...

I don't know of any term to describe a pair of brackets (ie, []), nor two
pairs of brackets (ie, [color=xx][/color]), but neither would the majority of
the people reading the helpfile. You could probably refer to "[]" as "a
bracket," "brackets," "bracket pair," "pair of brackets," etc... At least in
non-perfect spoken English, I don't have a book of grammar, just going by
what sounds right to me, and how I would probably say it. It is kind of
ambiguous to me what the "technically" correct way of saying it is.


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