Follow-up Comment #9, bug #14267 (project freeciv):

> In my opinion, it would be most clear to the average enduser
> to say it something like: "This expression can also be started
> and finished within the same pair of brackets, like '[link
> target="city" id=121/]' (note the slash at the end)". I'm
> thinking that avoiding using some technical vocabulary would
> be easier to understand. I added the part because I didn't see
> the ending slash until just now...

I took care about this comments to make the new patch.  Thank you.

> I don't know of any term to describe a pair of brackets (ie,
> []), nor two pairs of brackets (ie, [color=xx][/color]), but
> neither would the majority of the people reading the helpfile.
> You could probably refer to "[]" as "a bracket," "brackets,"
> "bracket pair," "pair of brackets," etc... At least in
> non-perfect spoken English, I don't have a book of grammar,
> just going by what sounds right to me, and how I would
> probably say it. It is kind of ambiguous to me what the
> "technically" correct way of saying it is.

I guess that the current version of the patch is enough good to be included
in the svn repository.  If a fanatic of English language assumes that it is
notfully correct, he could make other suggestions...

(file #6729)

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