Follow-up Comment #10, bug #13867 (project freeciv):

> setting_to_client() is missing function header. We are not adding new
functions without proper headers.

That's right, a short description would be good.

Also, after reading this patch, I think that translator work could be
simplified.  Very small single translated words can be included in the
format.  Example:
_("Option: %s  -  %s"), setting_name(pset), _(setting_short_help(pset)
could be:
"%s %s  -  %s", _("Option:"), setting_name(pset), _(setting_short_help(pset)
then the translation job would be already done for:
_("Option: %s"), setting_name(pset)
which could be:
"%s %s", _("Option:"), setting_name(pset)
I think it could be done for all prefixes.  But do not to it for long

I don't see why do you return the pointer to the functions.  If you make a
function interface like you did, it should be made more like an
encapsulation.  So it should be 2 function different:
bool setting_get_bval(const struct setting *pset);
void setting_set_bval(struct setting *pset, bool val);

Maybe, moves the definition of the setting struct in the .c file, to make the
type opaque, to emphasize the OOP design.


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