2009/11/28 Pepeto <pepet...@gmail.com>:
> If I remember correclty, for 2.1, there were many changes in the
> capability string between 2.1-beta1 and 2.1.1.

Between 2.1-beta1 and 2.1.0, you mean. It was against our policy, but
the most active developer of the time did it anyway. I'd like to have
beta1 already compatible with actual releases since some distributions
may package beta release already, and we don't want to shut those
users out from 2.2 games.

> Maybe should we use
> something like +2.2-beta mandatory capability, adding new optional
> capability for bug fixes and remove them when releasing 2.2.1?

 If we already have made the hard work of making them optional
capabilities, why would we want to break compatibility when releasin

 - ML

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