The link on the bottom of the website links to which is the creative commons
license with the attribution/no-derivitive options, but not the
no-commercial option. While its true that CC has a no-commercial clause, its
only an option that doesn't have to be in the license.

I don't know if the no derivative clause would be a problem though...I also
don't know the license that the specific sounds that Gavin used (if they
differ from the webpage that has this message 'This site is licensed under a
Creative Commons License <> [] by MTG<>(
UPF <>). | Contact
Webmaster<>| Some Rights Reserved!

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 3:04 PM, Daniel Markstedt <>wrote:

> Hi Gav,
> Thanks for the new version. I've uploaded it to our download server
> and updated the wiki page.
> It seems the URL to the forum page is bad. Guess you're referring to
> ;)
> To answer your question, any contents included with Freeciv must have
> a license that is compatible with the GNU GPL v2. I just had a quick
> look again at the Creative Commons license that Freesounds refer to,
> and it unfortunately has a clause that forbids commercial use, which
> is a no-go in in the FLOSS world. Perhaps you could hear with
> Freesounds if they offer some kind of dual-licensing deal for open
> source projects?
> Oh and BTW, for future packages I suggest you put your own name
> somewhere in README file. This is a common practice.
> Best,
> Daniel
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 11:23 AM, Gavin <> wrote:
> > Hey all
> > I made an update to the  soundset based on some feedback from a forum
> user.
> > Could we add this updated version to the FTP?
> > Forum post:
> > Direct download:
> > Another question: What would it take for this to become the new default
> > soundset?
> > Gav
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