Follow-up Comment #5, bug #15041 (project freeciv):

Can you give more detail on what you were trying to do with the unit which
the client wouldn't let you? Also, was the unit ACTIVITY_FORTIFYING, or

This change has unfortunately broken a desirable behaviour of the client for
me. I was very pleased when the "Clear unit orders on selection" option was
added (back in RT#40724), as previously it was impossible to focus certain
units without losing important state (settler progress or fortification,
say); and it's necessary to focus units to see their combat chances against
an enemy units, or how many movement points they have left. Now I run with
this option cleared all the time, for that reason.

I'd like to regain this ability, but obviously without resurrecting *your*
problem. I think this means reverting this change and possibly replacing it
with another.

The most obvious thing you can't do with a focused but "busy" unit is move it
with the cursor keys / number pad -- nothing happens. (All the other orders
I've tried supersede fortification.)

This movement restriction seems to be enforced on the server, not the client
-- variously in test_unit_move_to_tile() (silently discards action) and
handle_unit_orders() (discards with error).

I don't know if this is deliberate. I can see a point to such a restriction
-- it stops you accidentally moving the wrong unit and losing e.g. progress
towards a terrain improvement. However, a user can't in general rely on
Freeciv to stop them making irreversible mistakes -- accidentally moving a
unit somewhere silly is in the same category, and can't be caught. So, I
could live without this safety net.

If the problem is with unit movements, then I can raise a new bug with an
alternative workaround, which depends on what we want to do:
* If we want to allow move keys to clear orders, then I think simply calling
clear_unit_orders() from key_unit_move() or thereabouts should fix the
* If we don't want that, then revert this change and somehow document how you
tell a unit that yes, you _really_ mean to disturb it -- there are a couple
** The [G]oto key works even if a unit is fortified/fortifying (the client
clears the orders).
** More cumbersome: pressing [SPACE] always clears a unit's orders. You can
then re-focus it and use the cursor keys.


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