It appears that there might be a point in making default ruler names
translateable, since their spelling actually differs from one language
to the other. I haven't glimpsed at an up-to-date po file in quite a few
months so I assume they haven't become translateable just now. O:)

For example: Atawallpa is Atahualpa and Mary Stuart is Maria Stuart in
Finnish. Greek philosophers are also typical causes for mismatches, I
seem to recall from English class. ;) I expect that languages with
Kyrillic, Greek and Arabic lettering and Japanese currently get the
names as standard ascii English versions too?

Please keep the i18n list in cc for any translator-relevant replies. :)
(Dunno if the message gets to -dev past spam protection even, since I'm
not on the list.)


PS. Thanks to Juhani Heino for pointing this out.

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