Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15332 (project freeciv):

updated version for S2_2


20100214-S2_2-fix-uninitialized-migration_score.patch comments:

fix uninitialized migration_score

as migration_score is only needed within the server, move it
(and mgr_score_calc_turn) to city.server

keep network compatibility within S2_2; the variable 'migration_score' is not
removed from the packet definition but initialized using '0.0'


20100214-S2_2-fix-uninitialized-migration_score-minimal.patch comments:

A minimal patch which only adds the needed initialization of
'migration_score' within package_city().


As I don't know if I can apply this in time, could you please do it? 

(file #8091, file #8092)

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File name: 20100214-S2_2-fix-uninitialized-migration_score-minimal.patch
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