Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15373 (project freeciv):

I've actually been playing default rules with illness enabled for a while,
for giggles. I'm finding it effectively just reduces the max city size with
no Sewer System; the default increase in plague chance with size is very
steep (size 7/8/9 = 0.0%, size 10 = 11.0%), so I never even get to size 11 (I
don't have Sanitation yet). I think this slope dwarfs any effects from
pollution/trade. So, the default setup seems uninteresting enough that it's
not worth being able to switch it on; I assumed that the parameters needed
more tuning.

I've got Health_Pct effects Aqueduct = 30, Sewer System = 20, Cure for Cancer
= 5; I can't remember where I lifted these from now, but I think the
parameters in the [illness] section of game.ruleset are probably what needs
tuning. I imagine it also gets more interesting if you have buildings
specifically for this like Hospital.

Perhaps syntron's "experimental" ruleset (patch #1236) has better tuned
parameters; I haven't looked yet. (It's perhaps a shame that that isn't in
2.2.0 to play with.)

> Also the effect code on [] is wrong,
the name of the effect is "Health_Pct" and not "Health".



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