Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15618 (project freeciv):

Do you have a savegame?

I've seen something similar: the message "Notice: Wonder United Nations in
Ottawa will be finished next turn." (E_WONDER_WILL_BE_BUILT) appearing in
_both_ the chat and message windows after a load.

In this case, the message is not actually in the event cache in the savegame,
so it must be generated by the server (i.e. it calls
send_global_city_turn_notifications()) after the game is loaded.

It looks like the message is actually handled twice in the client (in
climisc.c:handle_event()): once while it's in state C_S_PREPARING, and again
when it's in C_S_RUNNING. There's code in handle_event() which forces
messages to go to the chat/output window if the client's not yet in
C_S_RUNNING, even if the client's message preferences say otherwise.

It seems likely that the server is sending it twice, although I haven't
confirmed that. This happens for me with both a locally spawned server and
with a server the client connects to later.

I'd guess it's something like that for your E_CITY_MAY_SOON_GROW.


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