Follow-up Comment #7, bug #15618 (project freeciv):

Correct, that savegame was from trunk + patches: variable city radii, tech
losing/tech upkeep, experimental ruleset.

After your last comment I checked more detailed and can confirm that there is
no "may grow soon" message in the event cache of any savegame I checked (zgrep
-i soon *.sav.gz). Is this a bug or a feature? Not having this message cached
is probably OK.
Instead the messages are generated upon loading. Modifying a city to produce
less food, saving and reloading removes the message for that city.

Looking at the timing again, in the chat window the newly generated
may-grow-soon messages are followed by other messages restored from event
cache (like "Scorelog does not match savegame" or "save") I think this order
is not intuitive and wrong. If there is anything new to tell me it should be
done after the playback of the history. And of course it should go to the
correct window, *after* the playback.


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