Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15377 (project freeciv):

The catalan.ruleset is in utf8, in both S2_2 and trunk.  This is correct and
all characters are utf8.  It's loaded into the server where it remains utf-8.
 It's then sent over the network in utf-8.  It's received by the client and
converted by iconv into the client encoding which is also utf-8.  It's then
sent to gtk2 as utf8.

The "isutf8" program can be used to confirm that files are in utf8.  All
ruleset, data, and code files should be in utf8.  In fact the only text files
that may be non-UTF8 within freeciv is the translations which have their
codeset listed at top (even these may be utf-8, which should be encouraged). 
But using this utility does not show up any invalid files.

So I dont see where this can be going wrong.  It could be caused by a bug in
windows GTK or windows iconv as i have heard this is not reproducable on
other platforms with the GTK2 client.  It might also be a bug in windows use
of iconv, if it is trying to convert it out of utf-8 for some reason, but in
that case the bug should probably show up on other platforms and other
rulesets.  Thirdly it could be an issue only triggered by 64bit; the other
bug reports windows7 64bit but this one just says windows vista.

I do notice the documentation on this is limited and in some cases incorrect.
 I'll make a patch to improve this.



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