Follow-up Comment #11, bug #15377 (project freeciv):

And, unfortunately limiting the functions to ascii-only is not going to work
very well either for the is_ functions.  is_alnum is most likely used for
instance to check for valid ruler/city names and will fail on any non-ascii
names now.  Even if we add exceptions for any ruler/city names in the ruleset
(probably already done) it's not desirable for any non-latin-alphabet players.
 Nonetheless here's the patch for it (very simple patch; someone might want to
actually rewrite the functions to do the work directly for ascii).

Out of curiosity, if I made a patch to switch freeciv's internal encoding
(client, server, and network encoding) to UCS2/UCS4, would the change be
supported by the current developers?

Also as a side note, libc does include support for "wide characters". 
However it's not defined what character set this actually is so we still have
"the current locale" issues which is no good since we want to use the same
character set at both client and server.


(file #8662)

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