Greetings!  I have assumed package maintainership for the freeciv 
package in the 'fink' build system for the Macintosh.  This is my first time 
for something like this, and i'm naturally in over my head.

        I'm hoping this is the appropriate forum for my question, if not i'd be 
glad of a suggestion for a better place.  I'm just about satisfied with my 
build of freeciv 2.2.0 for OSX, with the exception that i don't get the sound 
effects.  The only sound i hear from the game is the 'beep' at the beginning of 
a new turn.  I don't think there's anything different about my build, as 
Napoleon XIV's official build was similarly quiet.

        Details: i have libogg and SDL-mixer marked as dependencies, both the 
runtime and shared library portions.  Is there an intermediary package missing, 
or a configuration option?  My automated build system is setting configuration 
like so:

> ConfigureParams: <<
>   --mandir=%p/share/man \
>   --disable-sdltest \
>   --enable-client=gtk \
>   --disable-dependency-tracking \
>   --with-x \
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH="%p/lib/pango-ft219/lib/pkgconfig:%p/lib/fontconfig2/lib/pkgconfig:%p/lib/freetype219/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH"
>  FREETYPE_CONFIG=%p/lib/freetype219/bin/freetype-config
> <<

        Where '%p' represents the standard installation directory, and 
--disable-sdltest is used to prevent configuration failure for remote builds.  
I have verified that the stdsounds directory and stdsounds.soundspec are in the 
freeciv data directory.  What am i missing?

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