Follow-up Comment #3, patch #1574 (project freeciv):

Nice, the code looks pretty simple actually.

I find the same map inconsistency when "reviving" a player (creating a new
player in a dead player's slot). Looking at the map editor, it seems the
server thinks the player can see the whole map, while the client sees only
tiles around the units. So borders show up from all over the map, but
middle-clicking in a dark area crashes the client. The original code (see my
C port) has some code to clear the revived player's map. We probably need to
do this.

Also, new players are created with AI mode ON before the game started, they
can probably be created as AI players if the game is running as well.

I'm attaching a scenario that has a lua function the most basic newcomer
initialization possible. Use like this:

(in running game)

  /create NewPlayer
  /lua newcomer("NewPlayer")

'newcomer' will find a random map spot and create basic starting units.

(file #8851)

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