Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1574 (project freeciv):

Yes, it seems to work very well with this version.

I can fix a couple of issues in the scenario, but it's just for
demonstration/simple testing purposes. Now I'm working on making more stuff
accessible -- right now we can't even check (efficiently) if there is a city
on the tile we want to use or not. I'm soon ready to post some patches for
lots of new Lua API stuff.

Now we have some design issues. A /create command that creates a player
without units is not so useful. How do we do to make this function/command
useful by default?

One option would be to make a 'created_player' script event. Instead of using
a /lua newcomer(...) etc function, the ruleset can simply react to the
'created_player' event and do the set-up there. The default ruleset can give
the player just the default startunits.

Another option is to not make a /create command (while game is running), but
just make it a Lua script action, we make create_player(..) that calls the
player creation code you have written. That way, there is no way to create
"empty" players by default..


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