Follow-up Comment #7, patch #1246 (project freeciv):

I know that's the convention, but I don't think it makes much sense. I don't
see a good reason why historical nations whose territory is currently
occupied by another nation could not appear in game together with that
nation. Especially if they did actually co-exist and fight each other it
doesn't make much sense to me. As far as I can tell conflicts_with is
intended to prevent (apart for nations with similar flags) nations of which
it would be weird to see them together from appearing together in the game.
But having French and Occitans battling each other is not weird at all (it
did actually happen in real history), nor is having Catalans and Spanish
fight each other, etc, but the game won't have it. If done consistently, the
game would never see Americans to wage war on Native Americans (Iroquois,
Sioux, etc.) or Chinese to invade Tibet.

Preventing Romans and Italians from appearing together: Italians and Romans
occupy roughly the same territory, but lived during different eras. Having
Italians and Romans fight each other wouldn't make sense. The same goes for
Aztecs and Mexicans, Persians and Iranians, etc. For the French it means that
the Gauls and the Franks should be conflicting nations, but I don't agree that
Burgundians and Occitans should.

Perhaps the best example of why I think this doesn't make much sense is the
Confederates. During the entirety of its existence the Confederacy coexisted
and was at war with the United States, but nonetheless the Confederates will
never appear together with the Americans in the game. You will have them
battling all nations that are in the game except for the only one they did
actually battle in real history.

Also, the Wiki doesn't mention including nations that currently occupy a
historical nation's territory as a ground for including them as a conflicting
nation: "This is optional and should only be used when necessary; reasons for
conflicting nations could be either that they represent the same people in
different eras (e.g., Roman and Italian), or that the two nations' flags are
too similar (e.g., Russian and Serbian)."


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