Follow-up Comment #3, patch #1744 (project freeciv):

> => love into player:player_diplstate

 This affects only AI players, right? It should remain in structure clearly
marked as AI stuff. I'm against polluting other structures with parts of AI
stuff, especially with something that is only relevant to current AI
 We should be increasing AI modularity, not decreasing it, in hope that some
day we can switch to better AI implementation. 

> => control as variable directly in player (as
> player:controlled)

 This one makes sense. It's not part of AI, but tells if AI code should be
used at all. Actually I think I already had patch to move it away from
ai_data somewhere.

> => gui-gtk uses skill_level; so save it as player:skill_level

 I'm a bit undecided about this. Should all implementations of modular AI to
implement same skill levels, or can they define skill levels differently?


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