Follow-up Comment #6, patch #1739 (project freeciv):

a small analysis of the memory usage of freeciv (using pmap)

naming convention:

* freeciv server:

log_server-<version>-<# player>-<1 = connected + started>

* freeciv client (gtk):

log_client-<version>-<# player>-<1 = connected + started>

* <versions>:

S2_2 = something between R2_2_1 and S2_2
       (on another system and no debug information!)
X1   = svn 17555 (before increased map size + player numbers)
X2   = svn 17568 (after increased map size + player numbers)
X3   = with patches for dynamically allocated players (126+2)
X3a  = limit dynamically allocated players to (30+2)

* <# players>

1      = 'set aifill 1' (default map size [4])
30     = 'set aifill 30' (default map size [4])
126    = 'set aifill 126' (default map size [4])
126map = 'set aifill 126; set size 128; set generator 2'

== analysis ==

* memory for the executeable (SIZE column in the tables):

              EXEC    RO   RW
[client:S2_2] 1552K + 4K + 28K
[client:X1]   1896K + 4K + 44K
[client:X2]   1896K + 4K + 44K
[client:X3]   1900K + 4K + 44K
[client:X3a]  1900K + 4K + 44K

[server:S2_2] 1708K + 4K + 16K
[server:X1]   2188K + 4K + 24K
[server:X2]   2268K + 4K + 24K
[server:X3]   2272K + 4K + 24K
[server:X3a]  2272K + 4K + 24K

* heap size ('-' not started; '+': connected and started)

                  1P-     1P+    30P-    30P+   126P-   126P+  126P-m 
[client:S2_2]  49120K 101044K  49120K 101200K
[client:X1]    53816K 135280K  53344K 133464K
[client:X2]    61812K 141864K  61812K 145632K  61636K 144092K
[client:X3]    61084K 141052K  59592K 140008K  61084K 143756K  61088K
[client:X3a]   53248K 136016K  53260K 133780K

[server:S2_2]   7336K   7464K   7336K  10704K
[server:X1]    10280K  11564K  10280K  17248K
[server:X2]    13708K  15012K  13708K  21116K  13708K  40572K
[server:X3]    10932K  12428K  10932K  18768K  11644K  41504K  12000K 
[server:X3a]    9816K  11156K   9816K  17420K

* there seems to be a lot of structs / static definitions which use
MAX_NUM_PLAYERS (bv_players?); thus the memory requirement is increased if
the number of players is increased (X1 => X2)
* on the client side the heap size is increased by ca. 8MB. Could this be due
to ./client/tilespec.c:311? ('player_borders[MAX_NUM_PLAYERS +
MAX_NUM_BARBARIANS][EDGE_COUNT][2];') If the number of players is reduced to
30+2 the memory requirement is similar.

(file #9487)

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